Hacker’s Sweet Titty Revenge With Krissy Lynn

Poor Krissy gets no privacy even when she is at home, there is always cameras watching her every move, not that we are complaining. Gives us a chance to get to know her, even if its just a web cam. Looks like she is wearing yellow bikini bottoms and even better no top! Thats what we all want right, a hot girl doing house work with her titties hanging out. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, maybe we can convince our girlfriends that this might just make our dream come true.

Krissy Lynn is on the phone, even though she doesnt look so happy, I know exactly what this girl needs to put a smile on her face. Imagine if you were to bend her right there over the kitchen counter and just moved those cute little bikini bottoms to the side. A few good pokes with my meat thermometer and Im sure she will have her attiude adjusted in no time. Works for my girlfriend anyway.

What a perfect perky shot of one of Krissy Lynn’s breasts…and Im diggin those tan lines, gives us a vision to add to the spank bank…pulling off the strings to her matching bikini top like unwrapping the gift we always wanted at Xmas. Thanks for doing the dishes topless Krissy, keep up the great work. We are loyal and hard for you.

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