Watch Krissy And Sister Porno Here!

Cassidy’s first time on camera with her sister. Just cause Krissy is the porn star of the two sisters doesn’t mean she is more wild than her sister.  In fact Cassidy is the freaky one of the bunch and she loves to give hand jobs.

Isn’t it a lot of guy’s dream to say that he had been with two sisters, well tonight you are in luck boys cause the infamous Krissy Lynn is assisting sister Cassidy Lynn in her first of many porno and pics galore. Don’t be fooled with these two gems cause they know how to work your family jewels. From the looks of the first pic, Cassidy is being reassured by her sis that everything will be great, just pretend the world isnt watching you suck and fuck cock, its just the two (or three, or four, or five) of us.

The second pic is the girls prepping for their shoot, in this case doesn’t take a lot of primping and curling. More like a lot of clothes being dropped on the floor and waiting for the que to drop on their knees, and who does like a chick on her knees, or her back, or bent over.

Alright lil sister, lets do this…right here right now that is the tastiest cock you have ever swallowed so take it all and swallow to the last drop! Krissy is such a good sister and a better teacher for showing her how a real porn star does the job. I have faith that Cassidy will do a fine job as a semen gullper.

Looks like in Krissy’s student of the month is doing a fine job and looks ever so pretty with a little man-o-naise spread all over her face. I hear it takes some practice being a cum dumpster so this girl has her work cut out for her. If talented ladies run in this family, I have no doubts that she will get her pro card sooner then later.

Awww, blowing cum kisses is so sweet of you Cassidy. We stand up and applaude your efforts! Krissy looking and cheering her on, now that is what I call sisterhood. You go ladies, stand up and take a bow…backwards please.

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