Krissy Lynn and Cassidy Lynn

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Cassidy’s first time on camera with her sister. Just cause Krissy is the porn star of the two sisters doesn’t mean she is more wild than her sister.  In fact Cassidy is the freaky one of the bunch and she loves to give hand jobs.

Isn’t it a lot of guy’s dream to say that he had been with two sisters, well tonight you are in luck boys cause the infamous Krissy Lynn is assisting sister Cassidy Lynn in her first of many porno and pics galore. Don’t be fooled with these two gems cause they know how to work your family jewels. From the looks of the first pic, Cassidy is being reassured by her sis that everything will be great, just pretend the world isnt watching you suck and fuck cock, its just the two (or three, or four, or five) of us.

The second pic is the girls prepping for their shoot, in this case doesn’t take a lot of primping and curling. More like a lot of clothes being dropped on the floor and waiting for the que to drop on their knees, and who does like a chick on her knees, or her back, or bent over.

Alright lil sister, lets do this…right here right now that is the tastiest cock you have ever swallowed so take it all and swallow to the last drop! Krissy is such a good sister and a better teacher for showing her how a real porn star does the job. I have faith that Cassidy will do a fine job as a semen gullper.

Looks like in Krissy’s student of the month is doing a fine job and looks ever so pretty with a little man-o-naise spread all over her face. I hear it takes some practice being a cum dumpster so this girl has her work cut out for her. If talented ladies run in this family, I have no doubts that she will get her pro card sooner then later.

Awww, blowing cum kisses is so sweet of you Cassidy. We stand up and applaude your efforts! Krissy looking and cheering her on, now that is what I call sisterhood. You go ladies, stand up and take a bow…backwards please.

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Krissy is a workout fanatic and from the looks of this bathing suit beauty I believe her. You don’t get an ass like Krissy’s without doing a few squats in your time. You can see in this pic that Krissy is great girl with a fun personality as she flirts with the camera guy in her pink lil bikini.

Our followers have told us a few times that there is something about a chick in workout clothes that makes them hard as a rock, and we try to always make our followers happy . Krissy is stretching out before she gets stretched out in her fuschia sports bra and a form fitting pair of running pants, anyone ready to peel them off?

Alright guys, if this girl can lift and stretch her leg this high, any hopes that she can wrap them clear around your waist…sounds like a wet mans dream. Check out more videos and pics of Krissy Lynn, she is one talented and smokin HOT girl to keep your eyes open for.

Krissy Lynn Bio


  • Birth Location: Utah
  • Measurements: 36D
  • Height: 5’3″
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Haircolor: blonde
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethicity: Caucasian

Krissy Lynn Pics

There is no cuter pic than Krissy Lynn with her wet hair slicked back and a smile on her face as she leans forward to give her mans one eyed monster a little kiss and rub and tug. What a lucky guy! With one hand on his shaft and his mushroom tip on her tongue he lays back and anticipates what it will feel like  when he is balls deep into her hot little twat. As Krissy penetrates him deep into her throat she knows that he is going to drop a huge load of protein which is exactly what she needs to keep her 15inch biceps growing

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After having his balls bounce off her ass while his dick is deep within, he holds off on cumming as he plays naughty and tells her that she needs to squirt at least 50 more times before he cums. This guy loves the feeling when she gets off and sprays sex juice all over him. After teasing her clit with his cock, he tells her what excites him is if she would suck her juices off his cock. With a smile on her face, she loves to please her man, and she knows that if he is hot he will give it to her hard and that will make her hornier then hell, this guy is going to get 100 squirts at the rate he is going. Happy cum job friends.

Krissy Lynn

Hacker’s Sweet Titty Revenge With Krissy Lynn

Poor Krissy gets no privacy even when she is at home, there is always cameras watching her every move, not that we are complaining. Gives us a chance to get to know her, even if its just a web cam. Looks like she is wearing yellow bikini bottoms and even better no top! Thats what we all want right, a hot girl doing house work with her titties hanging out. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, maybe we can convince our girlfriends that this might just make our dream come true.

Krissy Lynn is on the phone, even though she doesnt look so happy, I know exactly what this girl needs to put a smile on her face. Imagine if you were to bend her right there over the kitchen counter and just moved those cute little bikini bottoms to the side. A few good pokes with my meat thermometer and Im sure she will have her attiude adjusted in no time. Works for my girlfriend anyway.

What a perfect perky shot of one of Krissy Lynn’s breasts…and Im diggin those tan lines, gives us a vision to add to the spank bank…pulling off the strings to her matching bikini top like unwrapping the gift we always wanted at Xmas. Thanks for doing the dishes topless Krissy, keep up the great work. We are loyal and hard for you.

Massage Creep

Busty Blonde Bitch Massage From Massage Creep!

Krissy is so excited to have met a guy at the gym who does house calls for massages, between working out and being worked inside she needs a someone to rub her down…and up!

Krissy Lynn lets her massuser in and get himself get his equipment set up, in this scene he had explained to her to get undressed and that he will start face side down and she is welcome to undress to her comfort level, does this guy know who she is? Krissy’s comfort level is on her back and naked, hello she is a a hot porn star!

Alright, Krissy is butt ass naked and unwinding on the table as he is using his hands to relieve any wanted stress in her lower back and legs. From the looks of it, she has no cares and if he were to have a slip of the hand she proabably wouldnt be too disappointed. Chances are when he moved up to her back, she felt his hard dick rubbing aganist her, dirty little massuse. As he asks her to please turn over he takes his opportunity to take a peek.

Because Krissy hits the gym, he asks if she would like him to strip the muscles in her chest, now this pic is a bit unprofessional but if we know this girl she doesn’t mind. Looks like he is working the muscles under her tits too, lucky man!

Now, we all knew that this would end up this way but who doesnt want to have some hot ass girl gives you a massage and take advantage of you in a good way. Chances are you would have a tent from your wood before she even asked you to turn over but if she was like this dude she would strip sit on your cock and strip those muscles with her pussy. In this pic, he explains to her that he has a special instrument that would hit just the right spot to take a load off her back, oops i mean off her spine and on her back.